Hell’s Gate and the Seven Arches, Indiana

This is an rumor  that has circulated around my informant’s county of rural Indiana, for a long time. Everyone in his high school always knew it, and my informant isn’t certain how far back it goes. There’s rumored to be a tunnel somewhere in the southern part of the Diamond, Indiana called The Seven Arches. My informant and his friends used to go out on the weekends looking for it. They never found it, but someone always knew at least one person that had been there (allegedly).

According to legend, there was a train derailment in the tunnel, and now it’s haunted with spirits. The story was that if you go there at midnight (sometimes it had to be Friday the 13th, as well depending on who told the story) and heard a train coming, that the gates of hell would be open for a short period of time. If you stop your car at night, you will hear laughing, screaming, and then the crash of the train, as if it is derailing over and over again. The graffiti will glow and the walls will drip blood, and if you see your name on the walls of the Arches, you’re certain to die.