Hicks Road

Context: This legend was told to an audience of one in a fraternity chapter room.

Background: This is a legend that is popularly told in the city of Los Gatos.

“So there’s an old road that goes in the woods near my house. It’s called Hick’s road its in Los Gatos. On this road there’s a lot of cars that go really fast at night, like they just tear up and down. But people don’t like to stop because it’s rumored that there’s a colony of Albinos that live on Hicks road. And so if you stop the Albinos, its like rumored that they’ll take offense and they’ll think that you’re trying to come after them, or be like the kids that are making fun of them, or driving up just to leer at them. So it’s rumored you could get shot by the Albinos, because they’re very protective of their community. ”

Car rides can be very boring, so it makes sense to come up with stories about your surroundings which make the trip more interesting.