His Big Break

Main Story: So, there was this old actor who worked a lot when he was younger and then he went many, many years with just no work at all. He couldn’t work and every week he’d call his agent and he says every week, “Do you have any work for me at all.” And he says, “No. You…it’s just…nobody wants to hire you. I got nothing.” “Alright. I’ll call you next week.” A week later he calls up. “You know. Anything. I’ll do anything. I need work. You know it’s been ten years I have nothing.” “Sorry. No work. You know. Call me next week.” Calls next week. “Anything.” “Oh. No. You know. Wait. There’s this one show down on Broadway. They need someone. I know it’s way beneath your talent level. And it’s just a small little one line you know part. But it’s something.” And he goes, “I’ll take it. I’ll take anything.” So he goes, “Alright. Go down on 55th and 7th next week. And this is the time. Be there.” And so the guys goes down and the director goes “Oh, thank you so much for doing this.” So he goes “Here’s your line. When the cannon goes off ‘Hark! I hear a cannon.’” So, he goes “Okay. We’re gonna rehearse it. ‘Hark! I hear a cannon’” “Great come back. Friday night first show.” The guy comes out. The show’s going. The guy goes “Oh shit! What the fuck was that?!?”

Background Information: Glen Steele is my step dad. Glen was an actor for many years.

Context of the Performance: The story was performed in Glen’s house.

My Thoughts on the Piece: I loved this story. It was so funny. I think it’s so cool that every profession has its own folklore and jokes and stories.