How to get that Snow Day

  1. “In Maine, right before a potential snow day, students, before going to bed, will wear their pajamas inside out, put spoon in the freezer, and put an ice cube A SINGLE ICE CUBE in the toilet. They have no idea why They do this. The only thing we know is that they’re supposed to do whatever they can to increase the possibility of a snow day”
  • She knows this because her little sister, at one point, lived in Maine and it just sounded entertaining
  • She learned it from her little sister who learned it from fellow students who were trying to introduce her to Maine culture
  • It doesn’t really have a meaning. It’s just kind of an accepted procedure
  • She and her sister were reminiscing about old times
  • I think it’s hilarious. I think students want to feel like they’re doing something to make a difference in improving the odds of a snow day because who doesn’t love snow days. I’m really curious to why any of those rituals would seem to make a difference. I have heard small variations to this, however. I have heard that you’re supposed to merely turn out the pockets of your pajamas, but not all pajamas have pockets so that might not always work. Also, I asked people from other states if they have any similar rituals or if they have heard of this system, and nobody I have talked to has either heard of it or has anything similar to it.