Hungry Hugar

Informant is a 21 year old student at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.  He studies musical composition and business. His family tells a lot of stories, many of which he enjoys sharing with his friends at applicable times.

“A story from my mother’s childhood – her father had a thing he would do that I don’t quite exactly remember the story but I remember that it revolved around this fictional character called “Hungry Hugar*” who was a box or a bag.  Every so often when the play area got too messy Hungry Hugar would come and demand a sacrifice of one toy from each of the children.  And they would all go pick the toy that they were the least attached to and go sacrifice it to Hungry Hugar and then ferociously clean up so he wouldn’t come around again. The toys were returned to them at one point or another. It’s just a very different image from the seven kids skipping down the street** seeing them penitentially lined up before this .. pagan deity.”

*pronounced “Hooger”

**Reference to another story my informant told me in this interview

The informant says that, while this is a family story, he has shared it with friends and finds it amusing.  He says that his mother shared this story


This story is appealing because everyone’s family has traditions from their childhood