Indian Folk Music

The ancient Hindu shloka (song) defines infinity. Shlokas are used far more frequently than any other meter in classical Sanskrit poetry. The traditional view is that this form of verse occurred to Valmiki, the author of the Ramayana, on seeing a hunter shoot down one of two birds in love.

For example, the first verse of this song is that same shloka. Shekhar explained to me that music was learned in many parts of India but has been residing in Bangalore for the last 25 years. Chidananda Roopa Shivoham is a chant from Indian music historical culture. A lot can be written and said about music. Shekhar expressed that, “Music is life, especially Indian classical music. This chant brings peace to heart and mind.”

It is important to note that this meter is used in multiple ways: in poetry, in books, in music. Many composers, authors, and poets use the shloka meter, yet it is un-owned and instead belongs to the people. People find both creative and subtle ways of incorporating it into their piece of work. It is difficult for me to fully grasp the meaning and correct usage (if there is one) of shloka.

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