Iowa’s Epic Beach Party version 2

Still to this day, the people still talk about that party. It was the best party in the history of Loras College.

My friends and I…we wanted something memorable. I had this roommate and he wanted a really creative party, just wanted something different. So we decided, let’s have a beach party! But, you know, we’re in the middle of Iowa.

So we bought several tons of sand and you know, we stapled tarps to the wood floor, because we didn’t want to ruin the floor. We got a truck, and just shoveled it in through the windows and there was, uh, several inches of sand.

We thought of everything. We had beach balls, sun lamps, there was punch.

Didn’t that cost a ton of money?

Uh, no, I dont’t think so… everyone, we all just pitched in.  It was a great party, you know, just a real nice time.

Did you invite Mom?

I did but she… she missed it, (Laughing) she missed it for a charity dance marathon. But Aunt Pat and Tracy were there.

Why do you think we tell and retell this story?

Because it was such an unusual event. It was really a classic party. Just so different from our usual run of the mill party. You know, there were beach balls and uh, beach music… we didn’t go to school in California!



The informant, my Dad, has told us this story a number of times, especially to my fratty brother, probably to try to bond. In this telling, I went home for Easter, and he told it to me one-on-one.


In the first version of this tale, provided by a separate informant, my brother,  the focus is on the parents and their shock at seeing the aftermath of this party. In this version, the informant, my father, focuses more on its planning and what sets it apart from other parties.

The informant does not really come across as a social butterfly so it is sort of adorable how proud he is of this college party. Also it is very telling of both of their personas that the informant’s then-girlfriend and future wife, my mother, was at a dance marathon raising money while he was throwing this party. When she tells this tale, she always emphasizes that distinction.