Irish Limerick

Main Piece:

There once was a man named Paul

Who went to a fancy dress ball

He thought he would risk it

And went as a biscuit

And was eaten by a dog in the hall

Background: The informant was born in Ireland, and moved to the United States as a baby. He is a Dual-Citizen and feels closely connected to his Irish roots. He shared with me him and his sisters favorite Limerick. He says this is his favorite because his dad is named Paul, so as kids it was hysterical. 

Context: This was a brief conversation on a walk outside. I asked the informant if he knew any jokes, and after chuckling to himself for a moment he shared this Limerick. The moment was light and happy.

My thoughts: I love a good Limerick. The structure and rhythm of the piece always adds a jovial sense to the joke no matter the subject matter. In this particular case, I can see the hilarity in this Limerick for my informant in the way that he is personally tied to it. It was clear the informant used to almost tease his father playfully with the limerick as a child, and he still looks on it with fondness.