Irish Proverb

“People live in each other’s shelter”

This phrase means to Zach that people should accept and befriend honest people whose cultural differences that would have kept them apart. He learned this through an experience he had in 8th grade. He was involved with an organization called the Ulster Project. This project brought Irish teens over to America for a month to live with an American teen and perform community service acts. The purpose of this project was to show the Irish teens that people shouldn’t be divided based on historical rivalries and cultural differences. The feud between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland has caused deaths over the past centuries, and the program aims to end any anger that they may harbor to the opposing religion. Each of the Irish teens is paired with an American teen with the opposing religion. Zach said that after a month of living with this Irish kid they became best friends. He continues to go to Ireland yearly and the Irish teen has come back to Chicago for a month every year since the project, which was 5 years ago. This proverb means a lot to Zach because it has taught him that he can accept other’s differences and get to know their true personality before making any judgments on their character. He says that the best way to do this is by living with another person to experience their lifestyle and culture.

This proverb reminds Zach of his friend from Ireland. He has this proverb inscribed on a cross he wears around his neck for good luck. Zach doesn’t know where it’s from but he learned it from his friend in Ireland. If this arrived around the time of the wars in Ireland, his description is very fitting. The phrase teaches people to set aside their differences and work together.

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