Joke – American

Joke- American

Question: What does one lesbian vampire say to the other?

Answer: See you next month!

Chris grew up in Hinsdale, Illinois. He first learned this riddle from a senior member on his high school track team during his junior year. He said that the person told it in the locker room after practice one day for no reason other than he thought he was funny. This was not a track team joke, or one that had particular significance for any track team ritual. He just thinks the person told it because he thought the joke was funny.

This is Chris’ favorite dirty joke because it is funny and it makes someone think. After hearing the answer to the joke, he said he didn’t get it at first, but when he heard the explanation he thought it was a great joke. He explained that it’s funny because both vampires are girls and they have their periods once a month. They only see each other once a month because, without getting into too many details, vampires suck blood and a woman’s period, which occurs once a month, involves blood. He mainly uses it if people are sitting around telling jokes, but if someone were to ask if he had any good dirty jokes or good jokes in general, he would tell them this joke (provided the person asking was a friend, as it could be quite an offensive joke).

I find it interesting that Chris first heard this joke in a locker room after a track workout. I think this says a lot about the joke and the nature of the joke. It is probably funnier to guys than girls, as guys don’t have a period and it’s a lot easier to make fun of something that one doesn’t experience. The setting where this joke took place implies that it is a dirty joke and shouldn’t be said around family or in serious situations.

The joke is risqué, as the meaning of the punch line infers sexual organs of the female body, and in teenage boys, nothing is more interesting than that. That could be another reason why it was told in a locker room full of adolescent males. They are in the peak of puberty and their sex drive is very high, so this joke is much funnier (and interesting) to them than if it were a joke about two gay males.

As for why the lesbian animal has to be a vampire, this is a reference to a woman’s period. Once a person understands the meaning of the joke, many elements of the joke become much more clear, and with this knowledge, it is easy to see why the animal must be a vampire.