Joke – Gaborone, Botswana

So David Beckham is chilling with his wife Victoria. He says to her, “You know, we need to move to somewhere other than England.” So she’s like, “Oh yeah, we do need to move.” So Beckham was like, “Ok we have three choices: Spain, Sri Lanka, or Romania.” Victoria’s like, “Romania? Why, that’s so far!” So Beckham’s like, “No! Not Romania! Remain ‘ere!”

Ruchira first heard this joke when he was around the age of eighteen from his friend Eden Kiravu. Both Ruchira and Eden grew up in Gaborone, Botswana. So Ruchira has an accent, but he said that this particular joke required an English accent for the dialogue parts. He said that the joke only works when the person telling it imitates David Beckham’s accent and voice because he has such a distinct voice. It is actually more of a mockery than an imitation of David Beckham’s voice because he has such a feminine one. Ruchira said that he believes that it was a classic joke back in the day, but as he looks back and reflects he thinks to himself, “Damn, I can’t believe I thought that was funny.”

This joke has the motif of the number three within it. Beckham lists three places that Victoria can choose to live. It also pokes fun at David Beckham and Victoria, who celebrity status individuals. This may be because people are jealous of the fame and wealth that the celebrities have and, therefore, make fun of their flaws, which in this case is Beckham’s voice and accent. Also, this joke would probably be more effective and entertaining in areas that are more familiar with David Beckham and the world of soccer. Soccer is a larger part of the culture in Botswana than it is in America. Although people know Beckham’s name and face, many in America have not heard him speak. Therefore, this joke would have only been funny to a certain extent because many Americans are unfamiliar with his voice. This separates the soccer fans and followers from the non-soccer fan group.