Joke – Mexican

A Pepito Joke

Pepito estaba en el colegio y nadie lo recogia. Su profesora le dijo que si quiera que fuera pa su casa hasta manana que vengan por el y Pepito dijo que si. Cuando estaban en la casa y ya se iban a dormir, la profesora se dio cuenta que Pepito estaba un poco triste y le pregunto que le pasaba, a lo que Pepito respondio: “Es que siempre antes de irme a acostar yo me acuesto con mi mama y le meto mi dedito en su ombliguito.”Y la profesora no se le pudo resistir a la inocencia de Pepito y lo deja meterselo. Pasado ya un buen rato, la profesora le dice con ternura: “Pepito, Pepito, ese no es mi ombliguito.”Y Pepito, con una cara de pendejo, responde, “Ya se senorita, y tampoco es mi dedito…”

Pepito was at school one day and no one picked him up. His teacher asked him if he wanted to come to her house to spend the night and he said yes. When they were at her house and were about to fall asleep, the teacher noticed that Pepito was sad and she asked him what is the matter, Pepito answered: “before I go to bed, I lay down with my mom and she lets me put my finger in her belly button.” The teacher could not resist Pepito’s innocence and she decided to let him stick his finger in her belly button. After a while, the teacher softly tells to Pepito: “Pepito, Pepito, that is not my belly button.” And Pepito answered with a stupefied face: “I know teacher, and that is not my finger…”

Adrian told me that he learned this joke about two or three years ago. He learned it from one of his friends in Inglewood, CA. He told me that in this joke Pepito symbolizes the male sex and how they can manipulate and lie to people in order to get what they want. In this joke Pepito is a man that can easily outfox anyone, even the college professor. He told me that these jokes are usually only told within your friends and not with adults as they seem to be inappropriate. He also told me that this joke might also symbolize that college kids have a fantasy of sleeping with attractive professors. Finally he sent me an email later on with a final comment: Hahahahahhahahahah!!!!! That was a good one!!!!

Adrian has some good points on the definition and uses of the joke. I think that this joke is only told to close friends. It is really inappropriate for a minor to tell this type of joke to an adult or vice versa. It is a nice representation of how tricky man can be in order to get some action. In this joke, the teacher trusts Pepito because he seems innocent, but he ended up taking advantage of her. This joke also tells us that sometimes women thrust men too much to a point that it does them harm. This can also be seen in today’s society. For example, there are many movies where a girl falls in love with a guy because she think he is nice, but then she learns that he was just trying to win a bet and is not really nice at all. Some of the movies that use this plot include She is all that and 10 things I hate about you. Although there is so much more in their plot, the main thing is that the main male character tricks the girl like the Pepito joke.