Joke – Mexican

A Pepito joke.

Un dia, pepito tenia hambre y fue a la tienda a comprar chocolates. El compro bastantes chocolates y cuando iva saliendo de la tienda se cayo y boto todos los chocolates en el suelo. Los empezo a recogers pero una vieja le dijo: “no, no pepito, no recojas eso del suelo. Los lameo el Diablo.” El pobre Pepito camino a casa bien triste. Estando en casa se cae la abuela y la mama de Pepito le pide que le ayude a recojer a su abuela. Pero Pepito le respondio: “ no, no no la recojas, ya la lameo el Diablo.”

One day, Pepito was hungry and went to the store to buy some chocolates. He bought a bunch of chocolates and when he was exiting the store, he fell and drop all of them on the ground. He started to pick them up, but an old lady told him: “no, no, Pepito, don’t pick those up, they have been licked by the devil. Poor Pepito walked home sad. When he got home, his grandmother fell and his mother asked him to help her pick grandma up. But Pepito answered: “no, no don’t pick her up; she has been lick by the devil.

Adrian told me that he learned this joke from his friends when he was about ten years old. He also told me that there is a variety of jokes called Pepito jokes. We also have them in El Salvador, these are usually jokes that do not necessary connect with anyone but the character needs to have a name. Adrian thinks that Pepito jokes are hilarious and that they tell stories about the men or little kids. He thinks that this story is emphasizing that little kids believe everything that they are told and apply it to their whole life. In this case, Pepito applied that if one item falls to the ground, that item has been liked by the devil. Adrian told me that these jokes are usually told between friends, mostly only friends of the male sex as they are sometimes about the female sex.

I agree with Adrian. I do believe that Pepito jokes tell a story behind the scenes and it is usually something about men or kids in general. They are usually really funny and are great to share around friends. In this joke I can see how they are portraying kids to be very naïve. When the old lady told Pepito that his chocolates were licked by the devil, he applied his new knowledge to anything he could think of. Even if it involved not helping his grandmother get up from a fall. We can see how children also can learn really fast and try to connect everything they learn in life together.  I believe that these jokes are usually only told within friends and not between adults and kids as they sometime involve some immaturity to them.