Informant: Yume grows up in Tokyo and now studies in USC.

Original Script: The kitsune is a tricky fox that can transform its appearance. It can transform itself into the form of human or surrounding objects. There is a story that a poor man walked alone at night and found a warm house with a hot meal on the table. After the man was full he slept on the cozy bed. However, when he wake up in the morning, he was in a muddy pool, belly full of rotten leaves. The illusions were all created by the kitsune.

Background information: Kitsune is an evil animal in Japanese folklore. Kitsune is also said to be able to possess and control a person, usually a woman. The kitsune-possessed woman would suddenly act strangely. For example, she would throw things away, jump into the river, or climb up to the roof. If her family call in witches to pray for her, she will return to normal.

Thoughts on this piece: Besides foxes, cats are also the subject to many superstitions in Japanese folklore. Though kittens are much loved and considered cute and innocent, older cats are thought to possess evil spirits. Cats are also believed to have the ability to transform into the form of human. They use the form of older women to get close to people and eat them, then they disappear again as a cat.