La Llorona

Collector: Que me vas a contar

Informant: solo me se la de la llorona

Collector: quien te la conto?

Informant: Mi mama desde chiquito

Collector: tu mama de donde es?


Informant: es de Tijuana y de San Diego.

Informant: Puta básicamente la historia dice que la llorona perdio su hijo en la calle que se lo mataron que se lo mataron y lo busca y va vestida de boda porque se iba a casar el proximo dia… entonces tiene un vestido blanco de novia.. pero va buscando las casas por sus hijos.. y su frase es Mis hijos mis hijos.. y toca la puerta y si sales te chinga.. te mata.. pero pendejo que sale porque te mata esta vieja.. no se si es de todo Mexico pero esa es la version que yo se.

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Collector: What are you going to tell me.

Informant: I only know La Llorona.

Collector: Who told it to you?

Informant: My mom, since i was a kid.

Collector: Where is Your mom From?

Informant: Shes from Tijuana, and San Diego.

Informant: Fuck, well basically the story says that the “weeping lady” lost her son in the street, that someone killed him.. that someone killed him and she looks for him dressed for a wedding because she was getting married the next day… and so she has a white brides dress… and so she goes around the neighborhood looking for her children.. and her phrase is ” Mi children My children” She knocks on the door and if you go out she fucks you.. she kills you.. but only an idiot would go out cause that bitch would kill you… I don’t know if this is all of Mexico but that is the version that i know.



I found this variant of ” La Llorona very interesting because it speaks of how stories change and adapt to the surroundings of the people telling them. The version of “La Llorona” that I am familiar with was probably made in the country side where there are rivers and natural bodies of water because she drowns them in a river. Contrastingly this story is similiar except because our informant and his family are set in the “City” of tijuana there are no rivers but streets and houses instead.