La Llorona

Interviewer: What is being performed?


Informant: A story by Amy Melendrez


Interviewer: What is the background information about the performance? Why do you know or like this piece? Where or who did you learn it from?


Informant:  “La Llorona” a lady drowned herself and her children by driving her car into a lake. Now she walks crying out for her children trying to find them.


Interviewer: What country and what region of that country are you from?


Informant: Mexico, central.


Interviewer: Do you belong to a specific religious or social sub group that tells this story?


Informant: Family’s Catholic but story is not religious.


Interviewer: Where did you first hear the story?


Informant: Family


Interviewer: What do you think the origins of this story might be?


Informant:  Folkloric, word of mouth


Interviewer: What does it mean to you?


Informant: It’s a bit of a joke- “If you don’t go to sleep, La Llorona will get you.” It’s more for children.


Context of the performance- conversation with a classmate


Thoughts about the piece-  Although “The Weeping Woman” is a popular Hispanic ghost story, my informant seems to think it is contemporary (mentioning a car). For a more traditional telling of this old cautionary tale about an unfaithful husband and his vindictive wife, see here: This story is thought to be from the 1500s but a 1986 San Antonio murder has eerie similarities: