This is the legend of the Voodoo Dick. So, there is this mountain climber and he has been to Everest a couple of times, and when you go climb Mount Everest it takes a good month and a half to climb to the top and everything, and so the only problem with going to climb Mount Everest is that his wife gets lonely, and so that last time that he went he cheated on him. She felt horrible and told him and he understands because he is gone for a month and a half, but he wants to make sure that it doesn’t happen again, so he asks his friends what he should do? His friend tells him he knows this guy and that he has this thing called the Voodoo Dick that I’m sure will keep your wife pleased without having her to cheat on you, so he gets this guys number and goes to this guy who’s like this magic type dude and his whole shop is like herbs and spices and weird things. So, he goes to this old man and says his friend told him about a Voodoo Dick, and do you know anything about that? Well, Yes I do, come into the back room. So, he takes him into the back room and says one moment, and so he is shuffling thorough some shelves, and brings this jar this big, dusty, dirty jar filled with this black murky water and you can’t tell what’s in there, and it’s just got this old hand written label that says Voodoo Dick, and so, the old man shows him that this is the Voodoo Dick that you want, let me show you how it works. And, so he untwists the cap and says Voodoo Dick the door, and this enormous, grotesque looking penis, he thinks that it could actually have been an actual human penis persevered, you know it could have been made out of this other thing, he doesn’t know what the old man, sorcerer is capable of making. So the old man says Voodoo Dick the door, and this giant enormous thing comes out and it starts banging on the door, just going at it on the door, and the guy is in shock, this enormous thing just floating through the air hitting the door like that, and then the old man say Voodoo Dick, Voodoo Dick stop right now, and the Voodoo Dick floats back and back into the jar and the top comes back and twists itself back on. So, the mountain climber, he’s impressed by this, and he say you know he explains the situation with his wife and how his wife would like this type of thing. So the guys says yeah, so I will sell it too you for $250 and so he give him the 250 bucks and the guy, the old man tells him that he needs to explain it to him how it works, basically say Voodoo Dick and the object that you want it to do its thing on and then it will do it on whatever you say to do it on and in order to get it to stop you need to say Voodoo Dick, Voodoo Dick stop right now, otherwise it won’t stop until you say that command, so the mans like ok, ok, ok, and so he wants it still and he buys it, and he goes back to his wife and he says honey, I know I am going to be gone for awhile, and I know you are going to get lonely, so I got you a gift. And he shows her the Voodoo Dick and he goes Voodoo Dick the wall, and you know the Voodoo Dick comes out and starts against the wall and the wife is visibly shocked and is like wow, this is going to be amazing, and he says Voodoo Dick, Voodoo Dick, stop right now, and the Voodoo Dick goes and floats back into the jar and the top of the jar twists on. So, he explains to his wife how it works and she loves him for this gift that he got her, and then he goes off and climbs his mountain and maybe three weeks into it his wife starts to feel lonely, so she decides that she is going to use the Voodoo Dick and this is her first time using the Voodoo Dick. So, she gets out the jar and says Voodoo Dick my pussy and the Voodoo Dick comes out and it starts you know having intercourse with her, this penis is going in and out, in and out , and after awhile she starts… at first it feel good, and then you know it get heated, and it get heated, and then she starts to have an orgasm, and in the heat of the moment it’s so amazing for her, it’s the best orgasm she has ever had, but she can’t remember how to get it to stop, she doesn’t remember the command. So she’s like stop Voodoo Dick, stop, stop, and she is like trying to pull it out, but it is just going at it. And, so she is crazy and out of breath, she doesn’t know what to do so she get her car keys and hops in her car, and starts driving to the hospital. And she starts to have another orgasm, and another orgasm, and she is swerving all over the road and she is in complete control of this Voodoo Dick that is going at it. She is still swerving all over the place, and so a police officer starts following her with the sirens and so the police officer is following her, and she doesn’t know what to do and she is trying to pull over, and she crashes into a tree, and she is just sitting there in the car just having more orgasms and so the police officer comes up and knocks on her door and she rolls down the window and she is just sitting the saying Voodoo Dick, Voodoo Dick, stop, stop. And the police officer is like are you on drugs, are you drunk? You’re driving like a crazy person, you just got into a wreck. She is just like Voodoo Dick, ahhhh, Voodoo Dick, ohhhhh, aaahhhhh, and the police officer looks and her and is like what are you trying to say? And all she can say is Voodoo Dick ahhhhhh, and the police officer says, Voodoo Dick my ass.

Jack thought that this legend has a clear meaning and that was that pleasure needs to be in moderation. He also thought that it was saying that it is more appropriate for people to pleasure themselves in more traditional ways than with a “giant, magical, cock.” Jack thought that the legend is telling us that you can have too much of a good thing. He gave analogies of drinking too much and being sick, or eating to much and getting sick.

I would have to agree with Jack on the analysis of this legend, that on a superficial pass it seems just like a long winded joke, but if you look at the hidden meaning there is a lesson to be learned about everything in moderation. I also think that in today’s world that we see jokes and things more along this subject material because it is becoming more socially acceptable to talk about these things in public. I also wouldn’t be surprised to hear about this legend anywhere, it isn’t as time and place specific. It is a little crude and rude, so it might appeal more to unmarried men, or younger people anywhere from high school age, through college age.