Legend – Costa Rican

Legend-Costa Rica

La Cegua:

Muchas historias tiene, pero me atrajo la sencillez con que me contó Don Jesús Alvarado la suya, campesino de Quircot comunidad situada al este de la ciudad de Cartago, Costa Rica.

This is a story told by a famer of a Quircot community, near the town of Cartago, Costa Rica as told by mr jesus Alvarado.

Dice así:

It goes like this:

Los hombres trasnochadores y borrachos tenemos más probabilidad de topárnosla cuando venimos de la cantina pasando por trillos y cafetales.

The partying and drunk men are more likely to run into her when we come back from back from the small taverns neer the streams and coffee plantations.

Bella como el girasol, de curvas pronunciadas y grandes bustos, piernas torneadas como bizcocho de maíz, su cara por mi borrachera no se notaba muy bien.

Beautiful like the sunflower with pronounced curves and large breasts, legs are defined and soft, due to my drunkness her face is hard to see.

Al pasar junto a ella en mi caballo a las 11 de la noche, me pidió fuego para encender un cigarro, de inmediato saqué mis fósforos y al encender, miré su cara de yegua, con sus grandes dientes y sus ojos rojos y endemoniados, caí desmayado sobre mi caballo y duré 4 días con la lengua trabada.

Passing next to her on my horse near 11 in the evening, she asked for a light for her cigarette. I immediately took my matches and when lit, I was able to see her face, large teeth and red demonic eyes. I passed out on top of my horse and for four days I could not speak.

Performers Analysis: As a kid growing up in Costa Rica, La Cegua, along with La Llrona, is one of the more famous legends. I learned this particular one as a middle schooler when we were learning about native stories, histories and culture.

Essentially, the story warns that for the guys who go clubbing or party, they should be careful who they meet on the return home. One should never make a move on a girl if they cannot tell their face.

Collectors Analysis: La Cegua, like La Llrona that we discussed in class is a Latino legend. In terms of La Cegua, it is mostly found in Costa Rico, with a certain amount of variation in the country. La Ceguas fulfills the qualities of a legend because it invites discussion about beliefs, takes place in a real world setting, and overlaps with history. It can be considered a historical and local legend within Costa Rica.