Legend of Icarus

The informant shared the myth of Icarus, focusing on Daedalus, a renowned inventor known for creating the Minotaur’s labyrinth, and his son, Icarus. They were confined in an open-air tower, forced to produce inventions indefinitely. Seeking freedom, they crafted large wings from bird feathers and candle wax. Before their escape, Daedalus cautioned Icarus against flying too high to prevent the wax from melting. However, Icarus, enthralled by the joy of flight, ignored the warning. He soared too close to the sun, causing his wings to melt, and tragically plummeted into the sea, leading to his death.

Context: Was told this legend as a little kid in a Greek family while being punished for not listening to his parents. He disobeyed them and they told him the story as justification for why he was being punished, saying if he didn’t learn his lesson he would end up like Icarus. 

Analysis: I think this legend reflects the dislike of ego in Greek society, with many other myths or legends being aimed at people who display hubris such as Odysseus and the cyclops in the Odyssey. The informant was told this story to encourage him to listen to his parents more and also to try and instill humility as a trait. It also works to make sure they dont lose their culture in a new society by repeating these stories to their children.