Legend of King Arthur

Michael is a 23 year old from London, England. Michael grew up In London with an American mom and a British father. He said a lot mainly translated from England to here, except for a few stories that are told there that do not get told here. One he spoke of was the story of King Arthur.

“He pulled Excalibur the sword from stone and was the chosen king and he had merlin, the magician, and had sir Lancelot who was his most trusted knight. He was famous for the round table, which was like heresy at the time, and it was antireligious because kings were supposed to sit higher than anyone else, and he was like “no I’m on the same level as all my advisors.” So he would sit at the round table for al of his meetings and went against divine right of kings, and sat on the same level as everyone.”

Michael said everyone learns this story from a young age, he said he learned it from others around him when he was young and everyone knew it. He now realizes the underlying message that it preaches, saying that it teaches everyone to be on the same level, no matter your status. I find this story very interesting, I have seen snippets of it here and there in movies, but never actually heard the meaning of sitting on an equal level with all of his knights.