Live Your Life While The Sun Shines

The informant is a freshman at the University of Southern California. Over Spring break, she vacationed in Hawaii where she met a local in Maui, Hawaii.  He was working at a tattoo parlor and is originally from Maui. The local was able to communicate a folkloric proverb to Elshadaii that he found significant to Hawaiian culture. Elshadaii was able to pass it down to me.  


E: “It goes, ‘Oi Kau ka lau, e hana ola honua,’ and it means that while the sun remains risen, you should do all that you can.”


M: “So what does this mean to you?”


E: “It’s basically saying to do all that you can while you are still alive and breathing. While the sun is still up and you have the freedom of opportunity, make the most of it! I think this is a lot like ‘Carpe Diem: Seize the Day!’”

Hawaiian: ‘Oi Kau ka lau, e hana ola honua,’

English: Live your life while the sun shines.

Roman: trăiesc viața în timp ce soarele strălucește

I feel as though there is a powerful meaning behind this proverb. I was raised to go through every day with a goal in mind, and this proverb teaches a similar lesson. Often times we forget how short life can be, and I interpreted this proverb as saying to be productive each and every day and to live life happily. The translations of the proverb serve the purpose of showing that the lesson within the proverb is universal and can be applied to everyone.