Lover Spells

The informant begins by explaining this phenomenon called “agua de calson” which translates to water made of underwear. She heard it first from her Tia since her aunt used to have a lot of boyfriends. Her aunt would always be joking around stating that she would make them drink her agua de calson but as a little kid, she would just listen. She did not understand what that could mean and so one day she asked her what it meant but she was just told to not worry about it. Then on the TV channels, there was this Mexican show that that they always like come up with rituals or stuff that you can do so you may get more money, have better luck, a better chance at love, etc. This ritual would have the person take their used underwear and boil it in water. Then they would take the water that resulted from that, and make the person, who they are attracted to and want to seduce, drink that water.

The informant has also seen it on TikTok however she is not fully aware of how often it is actually done. She believes her aunt only ever joked about doing it but never truly did it. She also states that she believes this type of ritual or magic might be common with people in other countries in Latin America. Additionally, she provided an example of a similar form of ritual where the person will wrap a photograph of their lover in a red ribbon and pour honey and cinnamon on it. She stated that honey is viscous, sticky, and sweet and cinnamon has a strong smell. Then the person must bury the picture under the dirt and it is supposed to make the targeted person more likely to fall in love with them. Both examples are deemed to be “brujeria”, witchcraft, and are looked bad upon as they are means to make others fall in love with them.

These two examples are forms of magic in folklore. The first example seems to incorporate elements of both homeopathic magic and contact magic. For starters, the targeted victim is supposed to drink water that has the juices of the persons’s underwear without knowing almost as if it is a potion, that results in the desired outcome of them falling in love. It also shows some form of contact magic but uses an element that was in contact with the perpetrator, not the target. The second example utilizes homeopathic magic because it mimics the person with the photograph and potentially a tie being formed with the ribbon and honey. Then the burying of the item might resemble the person being trapped under their love. Overall these examples seem to represent a bad use of magic and thus can be seen as witchcraft.