Loyola Chicago Honors Dorm Ghost

Background: This informant is a student at the Loyola University of Chicago. The informant describes a popular on-campus legend. This is a transcription of our conversation (the informant is labeled as “T” and I am labeled as “Me”):


T: So this one girl who lives in the honors dorm, she would hear knocking at night and she thought there was something wrong with the pipes so when maintenance showed up the knocking stopped. When they would leave it would happen again. One night she went to bed at like 10 am because she had an 8 am the next day and she woke up the next morning and there was a picture of herself on her phone of her standing in front of the mirror and the picture was from 3 in the morning and in her eyes it looks like she’s possessed like there’s a demon in her.

Me: Did you see the picture?

T: Ya like everyone’s seen it it’s so scary.

Me: Does this happen a lot in this dorm?

T: It’s an old dorm so it’s known to be haunted.

Context: This conversation occurred between the informant and I one evening while he was visiting me from out of town. We were discussing scary stories on our campuses and he told me of a few of the most popular ones from his school.

Thoughts: I feel like every school has that one haunted dorm or building that everyone knows about.  This story is interesting as there is photographic evidence of something weird going on, however that photo may not be the most trustworthy piece of evidence (I have never seen it before). Still, it’s interesting how this ghost in this old, historic building used technology to haunt a student.