Lucky Shirt

Main Piece:  Me: Can you tell me about your lucky shirt? When did you get it? How is it lucky and what does it mean to you? Kevin: Alright where do I begin. So… first of all my lucky shirt does not fit me anymore and it isn’t really lucky to me anymore but it was before when I was younger. I got my lucky shirt…uuuh.. when I was around 9 years old. It was actually a gift from my mother. I used to go to church quite a bit and one day the church was uuh having sort of a fair. It was like a Christmas event so the children could play. My mom wanted to me to dress in the same suits I always wore to church but I didn’t want to. Like I knew the event was not that formal and I really wanted something more comfortable and cool. (while saying cool, Kevin made quotation marks with his hand indicating that he no longer thought it was so cool). The night before the event my mother surprised me… I was in my bedroom and she brought like … you know those.. like button down shirts. The ones for kids that come with the undershirt included. Aww man… Memories! I could remember like if it was yesterday! Uuhh. The button shirt was whiiitte with green stripes. The undershirt was almost a light green shirt. Well getting to why it was my lucky shirt. At the fair, one of the games was basketball. Oh o forgot so during the fair my mother let me take off the button down shirt so I only had my green undershirt on. I don’t remember why I took it off… I think maybe because it was hot or like I was running to much playing or something like that. Going back so I was playing and in the basketball game I was doing so good. I forgot to tell you! I was actually in my city basketball league. After that day I began wearing the shirt as an undershirt for my uniform. I am not lying to you!! ( Kevin was making a face expression that resembled he was passionate about he was saying) After that we I played so amazing!! We won every single game after that except one. Guess which one?! Me: I don’t know.  Kevin: The only game we lost was the one where I freakin couldn’t find the shirt.  Me: No way Kevin: Why would I lie to you? I am serious. I literally cannot explain why but that shirt was lucky. Me: What does the shirt mean to you now? Kevin: The shirt has some sentimental value but like it is not lucky to me anymore.  Context: Kevin and I were playing video games and when we took a break to eat I asked him if he could help me with my collection of folklore. He agreed and allowed me to record the conversation with the condition that I would not post the video interview. He also allowed me to post a picture of him in his lucky shirt as long as I did not capture his face. We both sat of the couch and the interview began. Background: Kevin is a 20 year old attending California State University Los Angeles. Both his parents are from El Salvador but he was born and raised in Huntington Park, California.   My thoughts:  Kevin’s lucky shirt is common example of folk belief and how people can place superstition on objects. It is not taught in any institutional place that an object can bring you luck. This belief has been transferred from different people who believe that their object brings them luck. For example, in the instance of Kevin, he was not taught that he could have a lucky object that would allow him to win every basketball game he played. He just learned it from his own experiences. FullSizeR