Malibu Mermaid

In the coastal town of Malibu, California, my friend B shared some super interesting local folklore that has been passed down to him through his dad. It’s amazing to see the differences in folklore people have, even when they live in the same state as me. I live in California as well!

He told a tale about a mythical creature that was believed to be floating in the ocean waters off the shore, called the Malibu Mermaid. This tale was passed down from his dad as he was first starting to learn how to surf around the age of 7 years old.

In times of danger, the Malibu Mermaid is said to appear to fishermen, providing them with protection and direction.

B mentioned how his dad introduced him to surfing and instilled a love of the sea by telling him the tale of the Malibu Mermaid. He explained how surfers who ride the waves and honor the sea’s strength could relate to the mythology. Surfers find solace and peace in the notion of the Malibu Mermaid, which provides them with a sense of protection while they ride the waves. B later stopped believing in the mermaid but he still believes there’s a special connection with sea and someone who has the opportunity to ride and surf with it.