Mary Queen of Scotts is in my House!

Main Piece: KC: So basically… (looks at phone), my grandparents live in this house called Hipper Hall in this tiny tiny town called Holymoorside in England and its the main farmhouse, it has one tiny town hall thats just one room and then there used to be the village post office and the local village shop and a local school, but my grandparents house was the farm house– it has barns and fields and a slaughterhouse and a pigsty all made out of stone. Growing up… my family is completely logical and doesn’t believe in ghost stories, we’re very scientific, but it was always known that there were two things to look out for: bats that were in the barn, but apparently you could only hear them until you were 14… I remember my grandfather asking if i could still hear the bats, but basically there was always a story my grandfather told me that I believe was passed down from previous owners and there’s a ghost! There’s also supposedly a tunnel between our house and the biggest house of the neighboring village. She’s apparently a female ghost and is very friendly, and even my grandfather has seen her which freaks me out the most bc he’s a normal straight-shooting guy. She comes out on the full moon of November which is close to my birthday! She just kinda closes doors and stuff but only on this once specific night… I don’t think I’ve actually been there during this night but it has been a source of horror in my childhood. (looks up Hipper Hall Ghost on google) It’s on the internet! People have reported seeing hooded figures walk through barbed fences and a woman disappearing out of nowhere– oh yeah here it is! The supposed ghost of Mary Queen of Scotts has been reportedly seen at the barn door of Hipper Hall! Love my life. Wow.


Context: This story has been passed down her family for years– she has always known about the Hipper Hall ghost.


Background: KC’s family is very logical and scientific, to where they have so few superstitions and folk practices that it was difficult to collect form her. The fact that her entire family believes in this ghost helps make it more real for her.


Analysis: This was such a cool story! KC was doing research on her computer as she was telling me about the ghost, and at the end she found two articles online about this ghost in her grandparents’ house. It’s super interesting, because this is her family home, not just some random place or some famous home in Hollywood, but there is so much information done by other people on this topic that it makes it real. KC was also so skeptical about it at first, playing it off as just a family legend, but when she started doing more research and found other people who were talking about it, she became scared and even said “I can’t imagine my literal grandfather just hanging around with his ghost buddy, Mary of Scotts.”