Milo Dinosaur

DC was born and raised in Hong Kong. He went to an international school there, and a lot of his friends from high school were also international students from different parts of the world. He currently attends USC as a Business Administration major in the Marshall School of Business. DC is also my roommate.

“So there’s this legend that passes around the Singapore National Service until today. The moral of the story is don’t let people serve you drinks. And…so, there’s this guy who is the star soldier, not soldier, but more like national service guy. He was super fit, very capable, but then one day he started having a lot of pain in his back. Um, and then he wasn’t sure why so he went to the doctor. And the doctor was asking him a lot of questions, and it got to the point where the doctor asked: ‘Have you ever done anal sex?’ And then the guy was really confused and said no, and then the doctor said ‘your condition is common for someone who does anal regularly.’ And so the guy was still really confused. A bit of time later, he realized that almost every night, his roommate served him Milo Dinosaur – which is a type of chocolate powdered milk drink – and it was always right before he slept. And because he always felt the pain in the morning, he came to the conclusion that his roommate had been drugging him and doing anal sex when he was asleep.”

“Who told you about this story?”

“My friend who’s serving in the army right now told me, and I asked another friend who currently attends USC and went to the Singaporean army as well, and he confirmed it.”

The first time my roommate told me this story was at the beginning of the school year, when we somehow stumbled upon the topic of the Singaporean army. He started laughing and asked me if I knew about the “Milo Dinosaur myth,” to which I said no and he proceeded to tell the story to me. I thought the story was pretty funny but at the same time kind of scary, and it also perpetuates the army stereotype/saying “don’t drop the soap,” suggesting that if you are not careful, you can easily receive unwanted sex.