Mirrors in the Bedroom

“Mirrors cannot be in your bedroom, because it is bad luck.”

She is unsure why one cannot put mirrors in your bedroom, other than that evil spirits might be reflected back on you while you sleep and they might cause you harm. She says that being Chinese-American means that the positioning of furniture in the house is very important, and that the saying above might have to do with Feng Shui.

According to Feng Shui, a mirror facing the bed depletes the body of the energy it needs to recharge at night. Your body repairs itself at night, and by having a mirror there, your body is reflected and it cannot absorb the energy it needs to recover. Feng Shui also dictates that having a mirror near your bed could reflect the energy of a third, unwanted, party into your marital bed.

Feng Shui and the quote above are superstitions and folklore, because the traditions and rituals have been passed down for centuries. Kristi says that following Feng Shui in her house makes her happy not only because her energy is calm, but also because she feels connected to her Asian heritage.