Moorea Island, Tahiti

Moorea Island, Tahiti:

G.H.: OK, in Tahiti. I went to Tahiti, and then an outer island called Moorea. I went on this tour that was privately arranged, uh, by some locals living there. It wasn’t a normal tourist thing, it was, uh, a special thing I got taken to. And they took me to this ancient ceremonial site.

ME: In what year, do you remember?

G.H.: It was probably, uh, 1982.

ME: Thank you.

G.H.: They took me to this ancient ceremonial site. And uh, it was oh, probably 40 by 50 feet rectangle, and it had big stones outlining the perimeter, and on the ground there were slabs of big, smooth rocks, and they told me in ancient times, a priest, or shaman or something like that, would stand on certain rocks and conjure up certain things. It was a beautiful place, on the top of the mountain on the island of Moorea. And I walked in that place, and the hair stood up, I got goosebumps on top of my goosebumps, my hair stood up, and I’d never experience anything like that. And you know, talk about chemistry or vibes, a lot of that may be baloney. But this place rocked me. And I looked around I was shocked, everyone was kind of looking at each other, and they’re all feeling the same as I am. And basically that was it, but there were probably seven other people who had never been there with me. And, uh, we all experienced the same thing, and it was real heavy, very different. And that’s what, what made it a kind of surreal place where it was that feeling, that vibe was so out of place with the beauty in that place. It’s a very remote area.

ME: But it was eerie because you knew what the local traditions were of the place.

G.H.: Yeah.

ME: Were there any human sacrifices done there that you heard of, traditionally?

G.H.: I don’t think so. I don’t think the Tahitians did that.


There are beautiful places in the world, and G.H. visited one of them, on the island of Moorea, in Tahiti. He was absolutely floored, being overwhelmed by what must have taken place years ago, according to what he knew, on the part of the Tahitian natives. This incident represents a sort of supernatural association with the area. In his position, I think I would have been in awe of the site’s beauty and history, and although I may have been frightened by the associations the area may have had, I do not believe that I would have been nearly as frightful. It is difficult to say, however, without having been there myself. A mysterious, eerie place could evoke certain feelings, which may imply a haunting or not.