Mudd Pies

“In elementary school we used to make food out of mud and dirt to make mud pies.  Used to pretend I was a witch and they would mean things if you eat them. Over recess we would leave the pies them out to bake.”

The informant thinks this is about children starting to explore their cooking abilities and their wish to have supernatural powers.  The informant watched lots of tv so she was exposed to the idea of magic from a young age and assumed it was not impossible to harness.

Shows that the kids in Irvine believe in magic and that they watch lots of tv and believe what they see.  There may be stronger belief in witch-craft and people may be more tolerant of supernatural ideas.  I also believe this act was children imitating their parents and trying to cook like them.  Perhaps children are baking to copy the people they admire, such as their parents.