My Grandma came back to sing

“So, my grandma was an opera singer. She had the most stunning voice I had ever heard so when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she was more upset about losing the ability to sing then losing her memory of anything else. My sister and I absolutely loved when Grandma sang to us. I was eight years old when she died and her funeral was the first one I ever attended and I remember it really clearly.”

“At this point in time, my sister and I shared a room with two twin beds. The night after the funeral, I laid awake in bed for a while unable to sleep because I was sad. I turned over to my side and I started to hear the voice of my Grandma singing in my home. I was so terrified and upset because I knew no one would believe me. I remember thinking that I was crazy and never told a soul.”

“Years later as an adult, I was talking to my sister Lisa, who lied in the bed next to me the night after the funeral. It was out of the blue, but Lisa told me that she heard Grandma singing in our house that night. I quickly told her ‘I HEARD IT!’ It was crazy because we both corroborated the same story as adults. Lisa and I think that after Grandma was relieved of her pain from the disease her spirit came back home to sing for us.”


My interpretation of the story:


As it is said by the story teller, she and her sister had a very tight relationship with their Grandma. It can also be determined that both of them had associated her with song specifically and noted how hard it was for her to not be able to sing anymore. With emotions, it becomes evident that the mind can stray and make up things it believes to be true, or wants to be true. To me, this seems like a case of just that. Because this time for them was highly emotional due to the loss of their beloved Grandma, it is completely possible that the mind is playing tricks on both of them, rather than the Grandma being relieved from her pain and coming back to entertain her grandchildren. On the other hand, the children and the Grandmother do have familial ties in addition to emotional ties, so that does offer support to the idea that the Grandma had returned from the afterlife. With such strong bonds and connections and the presence of a lot of the Grandmothers stuff could “give entry” to the grandma back into the world as a ghost or a spirit. Personally, though, I believe that with such high levels of emotion in the situation, it is more possible that both sisters had mental lapses.