Narrative Joke

Known for his funny and dirty sense of humor, my good friend Ian had a favorite dirty narrative joke that he felt was perfect for this interview. It was about a careless gardener who kept exposing himself while working by mistake.

This was Ian’s joke: ““Why did the gardener get fired? Because he kept showing his ‘garden tools’ to the neighbors!”

Ian first heard this joke from his grandpa. Ian mentioned his grandpa was free spirited who always had jokes out of his pocket. Ian cherishes the memories of him and his grandpa and relates all of his humor from his family and their sense of humor. Ian usually makes people laugh with his jokes, especially those who like his dirty humor. It’s funny to see people’s reactions for some of his original jokes. He really has the best wit for that. The joke itself is self explanatory as most of the jokes his grandpa would say were easily understood.

Shared humor defiantly brings people together. And whenever Ian is in a room there’s a sense of community of people just having a laugh and enjoying the atmosphere.