Nighttime Prayers

Carol is a Floridian who left the state to study film production at Boston University. She has since started a family in LA and is as much an LA native as a Floridian at heart. She has no remnants of her floridian accent, and knows the entire secret menu at In N Out.

Performance: “I grew up with prayers, particularly nighttime prayers, that were unusual to my Roman Catholic upbringing. It was a shock to me that some of my friends made sort of “private a appeal” to God in their nightly prayers. They would say things like “God Bless Nana, and Mittens, and Uncle Fred…” – I would never have thought to be able to appeal to God in that way. Every night, on my knees, my mother and I would pray the “Now I lay me down to sleep” prayer which would end with  “And God help me to be a good girl tomorrow” not the long litany of prayers for others.”

Response: Prayer is an interesting form of folklore. How to pray is taught not by books but often by family. Carol found it interesting that the way she prayed was different from her friends, despite them being from a similar roman catholic upbringing. Carol’s childhood prayers were clearly more ritualistic than individualistic, and yet to her were just as real and personal.