North Eastern/Western Mix Up


Insight from Informant:

“For those who live on the west coast and aren’t too educated in mid-western and eastern schools, people tend to assume North Western (NW) and North Eastern (NE) are one in the same and are located in Chicago, when in fact only North Western is located in Chicago and North Eastern is located in Boston. This has aggravated attendees of NE for quite some time. So much so that a meme had spawned to share with those who make the mistake of blending the two.

The meme was created by a senior eight or so years ago and started to spread across various forms of NE social media groups. The informant discovered it during his first year of school at NE after being invited to a private school Facebook group.

The informant thinks the meme is cheesy, but the message resonates enough to make it worthwhile. He’s considering altering the design and re-sharing it.


My Thoughts:

Having been to NE, i’ve experienced first hand the attitudes towards this matter so I can certainly appreciate it. For those who are unfamiliar with the school don’t know that NE is a great school but it has always been considered a lessor school to NW, at least in terms of the public eye. Which is certainly part of why people get so furious, when they have to correct the person, they have to automatically put themselves in the inferior boat. This meme functions as sort of a catharsis for those who feel the pain.

It terms of the aesthetics of the meme, I am in agreement with the informant in that the choice of face doesn’t lend to the comedic copy. Humor is of course subjective, but I would certainly like to see a new iteration.