Norwegian Mall Ghost

Christine Nielsen’s Story: as told on a Wednesday night, sitting across from each other at a table in the DG dining room around 7pm.

Background: Christine is from Oslo, Norway, and is currently a sophomore at USC. She is a Communications major, white, 19-20 years old. I met her through my sorority Delta Gamma.

Christine: I used to work at this place that’s like super, super old, built in the 16th century, and I was working a night and it was really, really, um, there was like no one there, at all. It was only like five minutes until closing, and I hear this like laughter, like some child laughing or something. And I was like, ‘oh that’s weird, there’s no one here’. I like asked a guard like, ‘oh, did you hear the laughter?’ And she was like, ‘yeah I always hear it, but like don’t know where it’s coming from’. And then, um, I was like, you know went home and came back the next day, and like the same thing happened. And I was talking to [?] and was like, ‘oh, did you hear the laughter again?’ ‘yeah, we hear it often, and there’s some laughter going on. Like it’s an old place, you know’. So we always like thought that it was a ghost. And I asked, like, one of my bosses and she, uh, is good friends with the owner of the place, and, which actually lives in an old castle, up in the hill (laughs). And then, uh, he apparently, like, told her there was like, a hundred years ago, there was a guy and like a little boy that got, like, murdered. So, he was like found in the river, and, and, he like goes like around, haunts the place. He’s like going around the mall, making fun like laughing, knocking over shelves. So like, I remember one time, I was like in the store, and he like suddenly like a shelf literally like fell down. And it was like me and one other customer in the store, and it just like fell down. And I was like, ‘okay, that’s weird’, and by that time I’d already heard the story so I was like, ‘hey, it’s the ghost, haha’. It’s really creepy and there’s like several other ghosts going there. So that’s one.

Reaction: Christine was very adamant about her belief in the ghost haunting this mall, since she had experienced it herself. She definitely was influenced by the people working in the mall with her, as she learned the story from them, and Christine had even interacted with the ghost while with a customer. I’m not sure how to react to this ghost. Although it took place in Norway, a mall is still a mall no matter where it is. I’ve never experienced something like this, so I’m not sure what to make of it.