“One thing you can’t say about her, she’s not lazy.”

My grandfather was at home on hospice for nearly a year before he passed away. As most of my family lives in the city, we were all often at my grandparents’ home making sure we made the most of our last time with him. One day my cousin was over while my grandfather was being wheeled around the house in his wheelchair on a “walk.” While in the kitchen he expressed a desire for peanuts which was spectacular because he had not been eating. He was immediately presented with a bowl of peanuts which the entire room watched him eat. My cousin saw him drop a peanut on the ground and went to grab it, sparking this comment from my grandfather.

“That’s one thing you can’t say about her, she’s not lazy.”

Everything was very tense of course around this time but my family was always trying to see the humor in every situation. My cousin has the reputation in my family of being a big procrastinator and being kind of lazy, even she freely admits so. It seemed like my grandfather was being serious, and of course he was in a pretty poor state so he might very well have been, but the entire family thought it was very funny. We continue to bring the story up and my cousin often uses it as evidence in jest that she’s not as lazy as we say she is.