Onomastic – Newspaper

Claire told me that in her hometown in North Carolina, there is a newspaper called the “News and Observer.”  But it is commonly known as the “Nuisance and Disturber.” The paper itself is very liberal, and conservatives consequently like to make fun of it by using an onomastic to change the name to fit their idea of what the paper is to them; a nuisance and disturbance.  Occasionally, the reporters and writers from the paper have gone to Claire’s school and told the students that they have taken the new name to heart.  They find it amusing and refer to the paper using the new title. 

The individuals working for the liberal paper were faced with this harassment from the local republicans. By adopting the name initially spiteful name, they turned the situation into a humorous one.

Annotation: The News & Observer Publishing Company. http://www.newsobserver.com/2009/08/13/10439/company-history.html