Paper toss

RD attended high school in Palo Alto, California and graduated in 2013.

RD: “The paper toss was a tradition on the last day of school. Every senior would bring in like 3 lbs. of paper, like homework assignments, tests, any work you had from high school. So then everyone would toss all their papers into the air at brunch on the last day of school, it was a paper cut waiting to happen”

Was it all at the same time?

RD:”Yeah everyone would go “1…2…3!” and then throw the papers in the air. My year some assholes decided to throw text books which was a terrible idea. So we’d throw all the papers into the air after the countdown and take a big picture while it was happening.”

How long have they been doing it?

RD: “They’ve been doing it forever. Probably like 30 years, they always do it”