Past Life Experience


3 years ago, the informant did a past life regression hypnosis to look into herself and understand why she has had such trouble with romantic love. In the hypnosis, she received the image of herself laying in bed with someone that she felt very in love and connected with. At the end of the guided hypnosis, she was told to go to the moment of her death. In the vision, she saw herself crying in a field, grieving the loss of the aforementioned lover as well as the loss of a child through miscarriage. After the hypnosis, she felt that there was one person (the lost lover) that she was separated prematurely from in her past life, and that she was meant to reconnect with them in this life. 

Two years later, the informant was in her apartment in college when she began doing tarot card readings because of what she felt was a very strong connection to the spiritual realm, as a medium. She had never been able to successfully do a reading for herself, and felt that this was because the spiritual realm did not want her to act as a medium for herself. As she was shuffling the cards one day, however, two cards flew out at her. The cards signified a lover from the past coming back into her life, and the second signified a miscarriage in the past.


The informant knows this myth from her own experience, from a guided past life regression hypnosis that she did herself. She believes that her connection to the spiritual realm allows her to do accurate and reliable tarot card readings. This is because rather than simply pulling the cards and knowing their meanings, she believes that the universe uses her openness towards it to communicate things to others. She uses these two experiences to understand why she hasn’t found love with anyone yet in this life, because she believes that the tarot cards verified the images that she was shown from her past life. The experience felt almost paranormal to her.


The informants performance of this past life regression shows her longing to understand the mysteries of our existence here. Her connection to the universe that she believes allows her to act as a medium tells us that she believes the answers to these mysteries lie in the universe and spiritual realm. These beliefs of the informant are very clear examples of our human longing to have any understanding of why we are here and the mysteries of our existence. The informant’s willingness to accept the tarot cards’ messages as well as her visions in her past life regression exercise as the truth exemplify our willingness to cling to any sign of how we are here, because having any sort of belief in these messages gives us a level of comfort about our existence. Ultimately, much of humanity wants to feel like we have some sort of understanding of our existence on Earth and the mystery of what happens after. This is why many turn to religion. Much like religion, this informant’s experience is another example of trying to make sense of the universe and our creation.