Peapack (Jessica Duke)

“I grew up in New Jersey, and about 30 minutes away from where I lived there’s a nice park called Peapack. Peapack is a huge estate and there is an abandoned house on the property. The house used to be a convent, and the church donated the land to the area as a park when it ceased to be used. Well, um, apparently there’s a legend that one of the Mother Superior’s of the convent murdered some of the nuns in a pagan ritual after she lost her mind… I didn’t think it was true but I totally believe in ghosts. Anyways, some of us from my high school were visiting a friend who lived there and we decided to walk there. It was a Sunday afternoon and it was pretty gloomy. Anyways, whenever we got near the house, the wind always seemed to pick up a little. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary besides the sprawling abandoned house, but it was hard to convince myself that the wind wasn’t a result of some presence. The air just seemed a little heavier but I think that’s just because we were all trying to convince ourselves we were feeling something.”

This is another textbook story. The story behind this is much more daunting and fanciful than my other collection, but plausible all the same. The land had been a convent, but was no longer one. That means there must have been a reason why it was abandoned, whether or not it was the rampaging murderous nun. But other elements of the story include the gloomy day, the wind, and the “heavy” air.