Pigs bring fortune

“If you dream about chasing a pig and you catch one, great fortune is headed your way.”

My informant was telling me in passing that she was really low on cash and her expenses are building up. She said needs to pray and hope to dream about catching a pig. She says she has dreams of seeing pigs, but she needs to actually catch one for it have any significance. She said that even slaughtering a pig will bring stronger meaning into her dream that her finances are going to change for the better.


In Korean folklore, pigs have always been the symbol of great wealth. My dad never fails to go buy a lottery ticket after he has a dream about a pig. Apparently, dreaming of catching chickens are good too, but to catch a pig is almost guaranteed a good omen. I asked my dad why then does he always lose the lottery if he dreamed of pigs and he explained that dreaming of pigs is easier than actually catching one in the dream. I’ve never had a dream about a pig before, but I am somewhat a believer in dreams having meanings so this particular superstition is intriguing.