Practical Joke

Mike was mad at friends of his for a mean joke they played on him. To get back at them, he pulled a prank on them. These two male friends were going snowboarding, so right before their trip, Mike wreaked havoc. He knows one hates bananas and that the other hates fish. So, he took both pairs of their snowboarding gloves. He put banana-flavored baby food inside the gloves of the friend who hates bananas. He bought a can of tuna and put the tuna water inside the gloves of the friend who hates fish. He had a gigantic dildo, which was given to him as a joke, a gag gift of sorts. He put the dildo on the handle on the back of the truck. His friends drove to Lake Tahoe with a giant dildo hanging off the back of the truck the entire time. His friends could not wear the gloves while snowboarding because they were gross and disgusting.

Mike came up with this prank by himself; it was an original idea of his. He played this practical joke as a way of revenge. He is a practical joker, but he does not usually play such mean ones unless he feels he has been wronged. He and his friends can look back on this prank and laugh now, but at the time his friends were really angry when they figured out it was he who played these awful tricks on them. He said he would not advise me or anyone else to ever play this prank on someone because this caused a huge fight between him and his two friends. So, although he now sees this prank as humorous, he knows it was the wrong thing to do in response to a wrong done to him.

I laughed a lot when he told me this story, not quite realizing the implications it had for he and his friend’s friendship. It was a painful time for them after the prank was pulled. Although I laughed, I would never do this to my friends. It was funny to hear because it was a situation my friends and I were far removed from. It was funny because it was not something that happened to us. I know it would hurt my friends a lot if I ever ruined their snowboarding trip. I know I would be upset if I found a giant dildo on the back of my truck, and if I could not wear my snowboarding gloves because they smelled and felt disgusting.

I find the prank humorous because in our society, practical jokes are acceptable; people are almost expected to laugh at pranks. Other people in other societies might not find Mike’s prank or similar pranks funny at all. In fact, as an example, people from India might be indignant at the fact that Mike wasted food on this prank. Groups such as extremely religious, conservative ones might think the use of the dildo was completely inappropriate as well.