Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

Max said his mother started telling him this proverb two years ago when he was in college.  Max would tell his mom about his grades and would “guarantee A’s” after the first midterm.  He would try to convince her that he had everything under control and that the class was easy.  She would always respond by telling him that he can’t let one good exam go to his head and it was important that he stay focused on his work.  Although Max didn’t follow his mother’s advice the first time he admits that she was right, and he had to learn the hard way that you can’t just cruise through a class and expect to get an A.

This proverb as a lot of meaning behind it and can be used in numerous situation.  Its overall message is to not try to predict the future because you never know what could happen.  Often time’s people find themselves in trouble because they have made to many assumptions that don’t pan out.  I personally use this quote in the same context as Max does.  When it comes to my academics it is important for me to stay focused even when things look promising.  An example of this is finals week, where many people don’t study hard enough for a class just because they have had previous success in it.  This proverb is one that every college student should know in order to stay focused and motivated.