Here is a proverb my friend provided on keeping a normal heart. She learned it from her political teacher in her middle school.


The followings are Original script, Phonetic script, Transliteration, and Full translation in order.

水            能          载         舟,          亦          能       覆            舟。

Shui       neng      zai     zhou,           yi         neng     fu          zhou.

Water    can        float    boat,         also       can    capsize    boat.

Water can float the boat, but also can capsize the boat.



This proverb was originally a warning the famous philosopher Xunzi gave to a King. He used the water as metaphor of the people and the boat of King’s authority. It is later used to describe that everything has a positive side and a negative side, so one must handle things carefully.

This proverb shows how the proverb can originally targeting one specific event, but later is re-comprehended and now can have a more general meaning.