Main Piece: Lee: Sure. “You miss 100 percent of the shots you do not take” Phonetic Script:

ju mɪs 100 pərˈsɛnt ʌv ðə ʃɑts ju du nɑt teɪk


Context: This piece of folklore was collected in a Taco Bell I work at. I asked my fellow employee if there were any sayings or proverbs that he knew. This was the conversation that led to the proverb. Me: Hey Lee? Lee: What’s up? You need help with the orders? Me: No. I wanted to ask you something. Do you know any saying or any proverbs? Lee: (with a shocked expression) yes I do. Me: Do you mind telling me it and if I write it down. Lee: Sure. Background:  Lee is a third generation American. However, his ancestral roots originate in South Korea. Lee said that he learned this proverb from his parents. He does not recall which one said it first but just stated that both of his parents constantly say this proverb. I asked Lee what this proverb meant to him and he replied “This proverb is special to me and my family. Whenever we are afraid of something new or a challenge that is ahead, we always say it. It helps my family push through many obstacles and has gotten me to where I am. I actually was not going to apply to college because I did not think I would be accepted but I remembered the proverb and I just did it. Now I am in Cal State La and I am doing very well. Analysis: This proverb like many other served the purpose to give common wisdom to a person. In my opinion this proverb is very powerful. Although the proverb says you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take, it does not necessarily refer to actual shooting. For example, it is not limited to just gun shots or a basketball shot. It represents any new challenge or something new that you have never done. The proverb is saying that you will never succeed at something if you never even try.