Proverb About Confusion

  1. His head is playing with his butt. (small laughter) 
  2. When someone is very confused and does something different than what they were supposed to do. 


This performance took place during a family get together, where the speaker was discussing how when someone does something ridiculous or is confused, this Persian proverb would be likely said. This was said in a light-hearted manner, as shown with the small laughter that ensued right after. 

Personal Thoughts:

While short, this is a very interesting proverb that is said in Persian culture. Often, when a person’s “butt” is referenced, it is done in a humorous manner, both in Western culture, and evidently in Persian culture as well. There is comedy to be found in how someone acts, almost as if they were “the butt of the joke”. Thus, it is clear that this specific proverb is making a point about how when someone is confused, their head, something frequently associated with logic, is working with their “butt”, something that this proverb is associating with confusion and humor, not only revealing the juxtaposition seen with the two but also what transpires when these two are together, which in this case is acting in a confused way.