Proverb – American

“Kill two birds with one stone.”

My informant first heard this phrase when he was thirteen and in the 8th grade.  His history teacher was lecturing and brought up the proverb “Kill two birds with one stone.”  My informant did not understand what it meant and asked his history teacher for the definition.  His history teacher told him that it meant you can get two things done with one action.  His history teacher gave my informant an example of if two people have birthdays that are close to each other, then they can celebrate it together and it would be “killing two birds with one stone.”  My informant learned from this proverb that getting two tasks done with one action is very effective and will help save time.

Many people use this expression when they solve two problems at once.  Many people accomplish two objectives with a single action to save time.  It is also more convenient for a person if they can get more than one thing done at once.  This proverb is so popular because “Killing two birds with one stone” is so efficient.  I, myself follow this proverb as much as possible.  I think it is a really important proverb to learn because if a person can solve two problems at once, it could help make situations a little easier.  It would really help in situations when someone is really busy.  This proverb is one of the most popular proverbs used in everyday life.