Proverb – Columbia


Mas vale pajaro en mano, que cien valando.


But is worth one bird in hand, then hundred flying.


One bird in your hand is better then having a hundred that you can’t catch because they are flying.

This proverb is used in the Spanish language.  All languages probably have a similar saying that they use to express this idea.  The main message of this proverb is that it is better to have something in your “hands” then to have it up in the air, where you are not sure whether you have it.

This is an interesting idea.  Often people want to be risky and not have anything, knowing that they might be able to get more.  However, this proverb is telling people that you never know which way your life is going to turn, therefore, you should always be safe.  It is better to have caught one bird then not to have caught any, and hope that one might fall from the sky.

This idea can be used in many areas of life, for instance, in gambling, or love.  However, not everyone agrees with this philosophy on life.