Proverb – Mexico

Lo que más has de odiar, en tu casa lo has de tener.

That which you hate the most, in your house you will have.

Veronica told me that she learned this proverb from her mother and other older family members in Mexico D.F., Mexico. I asked her to give me an example of when the proverb could be used and she said this: if you hate those who burp and your son burps everyday then someone might mention this proverb. Burping is that which you hate the most and burping lives in your house.

I’ve heard her use this proverb often around the house and so I was curious as to why she liked it so much. I asked her why she used this proverb and she told me that she used at many times because it is applicable to many life situations. People hate many different things and almost everyone has something in their house which they wished was not there. She also told me that she liked it because she could relate to it.

I agree with her interpretation of the proverb. I think it is about having something whether it is a person, thing, or idea in your house which you dislike. Although, I also think that it is more about something one dislikes and cannot get rid of. Using her example, a person could get rid of anyone else who burps but being that it is your son it becomes more difficult to get rid off.