Proverb Parody

Proverb parody

“A penny saved is………not much”

Kyrsti heard this proverb first from her mom when she was about fourteen years old. Kyrsti had heard the original proverb of “A penny saved is a penny earned” so one day when Kyrsti said that proverb as she picked up a penny and her mom replied with another proverb, she was confused. Her mother explained that her mom, Kyrsti’s grandmother, had always said the original and her mom never understood why gaining one cent was like earning some money. So instead of passing on the original proverb, Kyrtsti’s mom decided to start telling her daughters the new version.

Kyrsti has used the idea of this proverb in other parts of her life. She explains that while she doesn’t necessarily use this exact proverb, she has used the idea of proverb parodies in other aspects of her life. She admits it has made her a more realistic person in life and she appreciates that her mom told her this. She also believes that modern proverbs and other types of folklore tend to be more comical anyways and that this type of proverb fits in well with our modern world. With videos being created on you tube of parodies of TV shows and movies, this type of parody fits in very well and she believes will get across the message intended far better because children now respond to comedy more.

I like this proverb parody better than the original because it’s more of a realistic proverb. When you pick up a penny your not really gaining much and so to say that outright is more realistic of our society. While I agree with Kyrsti’s reasoning that some proverb parody’s are better to learn because they give a more realistic view of the world, I still believe that most parodies in their original form are very important and very influential.